For Researchers

Did you know that you may need a license or permit to conduct research that involves the collection, import or use of aquaculture organisms, aquaculture farm sites, or the use/placement of aquaculture gear? Read about this in the CT Marine Aquaculture Permitting Guide which applies to all research activities.

  • To import molluscan shellfish for research purposes, please refer to the state policy and apply below for a scientific resource assessment license.
  • To collect molluscan shellfish for research purposes, apply here for a scientific resource assessment license. If you have questions about how to apply, contact staff at the CT Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Aquaculture.
  • To use/place cultivation gear for research purposes, apply here using the Joint Agency Marine Aquaculture Application Form. This initiates the process which may involve multiple state and federal authorizations depending on the type of gear, activity, location and time of year.
  • Aquaculture gear may not be located over or within 25 feet of beds of submerged aquatic
    vegetation (SAV), nor shall such beds or vegetated marsh areas be damaged or removed. This is per state and federal policy.
  • To work on an active shellfish farm, you must have written permission from the lessee, and have all relevant state and federal licenses and authorizations to conduct research within that area
  • To view shellfish and aquaculture map data, use the Aquaculture Mapping Atlas
  • Click here to access regulatory agency contacts and select “authorities” from the drop down list